"This Isn't Going To Be Pretty"

Anj'-i-tude noun 1. The likes and dislikes of the artist, An'Angelia, regarding certain people, places or things. 2. Attitudes and opinions that somehow seem to differ from the mainstream.

WARNING: If you are easily offended by opinions that differ from your own, if you are offended by cursing, if you consider "thinking outside the box" an activity reserved for only the lunatic fringe, if you think questioning the government is un-American, then I say to you in the most loving way, GET OUT!!!! This is not the blog for you. This blog is MY opinion and view of the world. This blog is MY reality. If you're interested in learning about the things I think about and how they translate into works of art, please enjoy the tour. I am not interested in debating points of disagreement, and don't waste my time or yours with attacks on my character. Your opinion of me is really none of my business.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

That we are separate is the greatest illusion

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